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About Us

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 Soundkitz Acoustics specializes in producing vocal booths that improve the sound dynamics of music production and sound recording. Our Soundkitz Vocal Booths are designed for the pro studio musician and the home musician in mind. Regardless of what your audio demands may be Soundkitz vocal booths are always there to provide improvement in the sound quality of your productions. 

Our Past

Our company began its roots producing sound kit libraries for Akai MPC sampling devices. Many of the samples we created were developed using live instruments that we would often need to record in various recording environments. To help us capture audio better we started designing equipment better suited for the job of improving the acoustics of our environment to do so. We later branched out to develop acoustic equipment for capturing audio and introduced the AE-F Acoustic Enhancement Filter as our first product.



 Our entry into this field of acoustics was encouraged by music engineers that wanted to improve on the many hassles and conditions that often occur in sound recording and music production. To this day Soundkitz Vocal Booths and acoustic products are designed around the simple concept of improving audio.


Our Future

 The select equipment we offer is built, designed and tested to provide you with sound quality improvement you want in your audio. Quality products that perform well have always been our primary focus and a reason why we spent years listening to our customers to build the equipment they needed to boost their sound. This quality improvement you experience when using our vocal booths is the result of our dedication and passion to bring out the best of your performances.


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