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Soundkitz - Deluxe Walk In Studio Vocal Recording Booth

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    Finally you can add a vocal booth to your home and studio recording setup without breaking the bank!

    • Full sized walk in vocal booth (Can fit 1 to 2 adults)
    • Perfect for small to mid sized rooms
    • 360 degrees of Sound Control
    • Improves Vocal Isolation and Reduces External Noise
    • Record Vocals, Voiceovers, Instruments & More!
    • Heavy Duty Layered Sound Dampening Blankets
    • Plenty of Space to Perform! Measures 6.5 ft High x 3ft Wide.
      • Vocal Booth (once assembled with the following components)
      • Durable easy to set up frame
      • Acoustic Walls (rated for light to medium sound reduction)
      • Adjustable Door (for enclosed acoustics)

      The Soundkitz Deluxe Vocal Booth is a full sized walk in vocal booth that helps bring out your music and voiceovers the way they were meant to be heard.

      Measuring 6.5 Ft high x 3 Ft wide the Soundkitz Soundman has plenty of space for you to comfortably perform your jam sessions. Enjoy recording instruments, Voiceovers and of course Vocals in the reinforced acoustics of the Soundkitz Soundman Vocal Booth.

         Recommended for:

        • Vocal Recording
        • Voice Overs
        • Instrument Recording
        • Podcasting & Broadcasting

         You don’t have to be a rock star or a professional audio engineer to know that being heard loud and clear means everything when you want your performance to come across to your audience. The Soundkitz Soundman is designed to improve your sound recordings by isolating your vocals to reduce external noise for clearer sounding audio. The Soundman utilizes a system of heavy duty layered sound blankets to dampen out external noises and create a more sound controlled space inside its walls for improved recording acoustics.

        Adding a vocal booth in your home and studio is the greatest addition you can make to improving how you sound. The Soundkitz Soundman is truly a vocal booth for musicians, singers & voice artists of all levels looking to create true professional sounding audio.
        * Assembly Required (Est. 5-10 minutes assembly time)
        * Microphone, accessories & stand not included!